It’s 2019 and this is our fresh start. Whatever that means to you, I’m taking it as that naive opportunity to be hopeful. Hopeful for happiness, personal reflection and maybe a sprinkle in some more frozen cocktails. 

Although delayed, I promised my son I would quite smoking cigarettes in 2018. On Jan 27th, I will come full circle which isn’t too bad, eh? 

I think 2019 is going to be a little more about ME. I am going to continue my journey with yoga and begin to transform spiritually and hopefully physically. I’m going to continue to do the best job as being a single parent because that’s what’s most important. But also, I’m going to continue to be ME and enjoy the things in life that spread joy, and I will be posting it here. 

I spent New Years surrounded by love, friendship and sparkles everywhere. I finally know what space smells like and it’s incredible.