After living on the UWS side for many years, I always steered clear from Trader Joe’s. The line just enter the store would go down Broadway and wrap around 72nd street. It just wasn’t worth it.

When I moved to Delray Beach, the shopping experience at Trader Joes was completely different. (Well, it does take a little deep breathing to survive the parking lot). But totally worth it.

Here’s what I’m obsessed with:

Flower Power

If you know me, you know I love to always have fresh flowers in my home and office. They have an amazing assortment of flowers that, let’s be frank, don’t die the next day. These are a week old and look how fabulous they are!

Za Za Ya!

I’m not the hugest pizza person, but once in a while I love to indulge. There is something about guilt free bits of this gluten free and a cauliflower crust. Yum!

Soups On!

Soup Dumplings are my absolute favorite. And while, Chinatown NYC is no longer a subway ride away these tide me over between trips to New York.

The Crowdpleaser

You guyssssss, these are so freaking awesome. You can pop these in the toaster oven for like 20 minutes or for the adventurous type 10 mins in the air fryer (<– this will be a post soon). These are always a crowd pleaser when guests stop by, I always have them on hand.

Now that my trips to Trader Joe’s are enjoyable, I love discovering new tasty and healthy treats. Its pretty sweet leaving not spending a ton of money as well. What are your favorite things from Trader Jaques?