I was headed out west this summer, and true to my addictions, I had loaded up my iPad with non stop entertainment for a layover flight. When I got to the airport I completely forgot headphones. Fuck. So I mosey on over to a kiosk on my layover in Atlanta and got myself some new Beats. When I’m traveling, I love the extra cushion on them that cancels out noise. And off I went to Colorado in a Netflix binge.

Yeah, I saw you looking at me, opening that freshy fresh box of Beats. Oh I so enjoyed! I took them everywhere.

But only weeks later, they broke. They fucking broke, like not fixable.



After waiting nearly two weeks for the anticipated arrival…. I gotta deal with this shit?


Ok, I’m making a big deal out of nothing. It was super easy to sync with my phone AND computer. I really miss my Beats.

And, I don’t know – I feel like a tool with these on. I feel like I look like that dude who has three Erickson phones on my belt. hehe.

Everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE loves their AirPods so I’m giving it shot. Do you love yours?