Who runs the world?

Damn, did you catch the Grammys last night? All I can say is wow. There were so many inspiring moments that literally left me with the chills. Here are my top picks!

Michelle Obama is QUEEN! Not only that just watching the interaction between Lady Gaga, Jada Pinket Smith, J Lo and Alicia Keys with everything GIRL POWER is made of.

H.E.R. I love discovering new artists. I’m not sure a Jamband snob who only listens to Phish, I do love to broaden my repertoire. After watching H.E.R.’s amazing performance, I quickly checked out her album on Spotify. Totally reminds me of Jill Scott – poetry, beats, and funk. LOVED!

Kacey Musgraves. You know, I always say I’m not the biggest country fan but when I hear it, I totally appreciate it and love it. I recently started listening to Kacey and didn’t realize she was up for Grammys. Good for her. Definitely check my favorites!

You know what I love about Cardi B? Fucking EVERYTHING! Well DONE Okurrrrr!