One of the wisest things I ever did was not to go too crazy with my new year’s resolutions. Yes, I know I need to lose weight and be more positive. But I ALSO need to up my frozen drink game.

Over the weekend, our SVP of Creative, Yeni, provided me with the most amazing mudslide recipe. Get AFTER IT!  I LOVE IT!

Ok so this is our recipe for one mudslide:

1 shot of any vodka

1 shot of coffee liqueur

1 shot of Irish cream liqueur

1 shot of half & half

And about 2 cups of ice (your preference)

Note: I like to pour a small amount of chocolate syrup in this mix

Blend everything together.

Then pour into glass

Then add chocolate syrup on top

Then add whip cream

Staws suck, enjoy the mudslide mustache

And voila!!!!