I’m not gonna lie. I’m a sucker, a full-on sucker for all those motivational quotes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, fucking everywhere. I follow everything. Maybe, just maybe, a few words of affirmation can give me hope throughout the day. I really try to spread these at work, at home and throughout my social channels.

It’s the third day of January, and I’m slowly attempting to re-enter the world. My phone won’t stop buzzing, work is demanding, my son is still off from school, my house is a mess, I have loads of laundry to do… and I haven’t done yoga in 2019. I ate carbs on my salad. I feel like I’m fucking up 2019 already.


The thing with New Years, positivity, and self-care is that we just can’t flip the switch without avoiding everything else in our lives. I need to remind myself to also focus on the positive and what I have accomplished. Sure, there is that ever-looming pile of laundry that is screaming my name, but I also got some bills paid, did some reorganizing in my office computer and the day isn’t over – I can still get some cardio in tonight.

Just like anything in life: it’s all about pacing. Just remember to breathe.