I love Greetabl!

Looking for a great gift for clients? Or a gift for your BFF, just cause. Greetabl is the PERFECT solution to send a customized gift from the heart.  For around $20 you can send your bestie a gift that will literally get you texts like:

“Missy!  I was having the worst fucking day ever. I got home late and before I devoured a pint of ice cream, I opened up this gift and it was like getting a hug from you when I needed it the most.”

“You are absolutely amazing!! I LOVE everything about this!! How did you know where to order this? Such a beauty ok special surprise ”

It’s a four-step process:

  1. Pick out a pretty box
  2. Pick out a gift
  3. Upload three sentimental pictures and a message
  4. Pay and send.

I have sent these little surprises to almost ALL my girls and the response has always been positive.  Try it out and let me know if LOVE Greetabl as much as everyone else does! xoMS