Sooooo, it’s obvious I love TV. Any kind of TV. I love dramas, comedy, shitty reality TV. Yep. One of my favorites is Floribama Shore.



Every week when it’s on, I ignore my text messages, phone call, emails – everything and tune in to the show. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have my phone on me tweeting away during the broadcast. I don’t know why but I really like the show!

Let’s take a look at the cast profile, shall we? Source:


On and off with the same guy for 10 years, she finally had to draw the line when he got another girl pregnant. But nothing can dim the spark of this self-described Princess Goddess Mermaid. NOT afraid to say what’s on her mind, she keeps the whole house in line with her down home wisdom mixed with a little potty mouth.


Growing up in Memphis, she saw more gun violence than she cares to remember, so for her, this summer is all about being care-free. Her quick wit and no-nonsense demeanor make her a voice of reason in the house, and she happily takes wild child Kortni under her wing. She also has a boyfriend named, ready for this, Gator Jay 231 Southside God.


Codi is a true southern gentleman who is more than a little ready to leave his bartending job at “an old people’s bar” back in South Carolina, for a wild summer in Panama City Beach. But with all that experience listening to other people’s problems, Codi is quick to insert himself in the other roommates’ conflicts. Both caretaker and pot stirrer, Codi is a straight up good old southern soul who, at the end of the day, has the power to bring the house together.

Gus Gus

Gus is a southern charmer who prides himself on being respectful to everyone, especially women. So it’s particularly devastating to him when he gets caught up in the battle between the guys and the girls. Kicked out of his house when he was 17, Gus had to grow up fast and is ready to party it up this summer. But don’t get him wrong. What Gus wants more than anything is to find the right woman and wife up. And soon.


With Clark Kent good looks and a Superman physique, it’s no wonder Kortni and Nilsa break into their happy dance when Jeremiah walks through the door. But when he brings a new girl home, all hell breaks loose, igniting an all out battle between the guys and the girls. Smart, confident and opinionated, Jeremiah is here to tell you that home-schooled does not equal socially awkward.


Kirk is a Panama City Beach local by way of Atlanta, and with his wild beach hair and a smile that lights up a room, he’s fully embracing the beach lifestyle. Kirk values family above all else, and this summer, on more than one occasion, he finds himself defending his new “family” in a bar brawl. He’s particularly close to Gus, with whom he shares a similar past.


Kortni is a Panama City Beach local who can’t wait to show her new roommates how to party in HER town. But the roommates are about to learn that people don’t call her Krazy Kortni for nothing. She’s never lived away from home, never had to take care of herself, and never had a job she didn’t get fired from. Kortni is going to bring the party for sure…if she makes it past night one.


Like Kortni, Nilsa is a PCB local and looking forward to experiencing life on “the other side” of the city for once – in a house on the beach with seven other people ready to let loose and party hard. At twenty-three, Nilsa has already been married. And divorced. She’s anxious to sow some wild oats this summer, but quickly finds herself in the middle of a “love square” with three other roommates. Safe to say Nilsa is going to be at the center of whatever is blowing up in the house.

Here’s a little taste of the greatest reality show. Ever.


Yep. I love it. I love it. I love the train wrecks. I love the drunken fights. And honestly, I love the friendships and family that is made from these random people. Hi, i’m old enough to be their mother’s and I’m serious when I say, I’m their number one fans.

And, I may have gotten Nilsa to do a Cameo for Yeni….(‘cuz she an EXTRA bih).

So after and hour or two of tweeting what shows to watch last night, I finally started Justified (which I’m sure I will write about after I dig in more). I was starting to doze off and then Lance Facetimes around midnight… WITH THE FUCKING CAST OF FLORIBAMA SHOW!



So I guess they were in NYC doing some promos and karaoke and he ran into them getting pizza. He told them I was their biggest fan so they all got on facetime to talk to me. Thank you Aimee and Nilsa for being such a sweethearts!

Are. You. Fucking, Kidding. Me? Ya damn straight I screenshotted it.

Like a total idiot, I just kept on saying over and over again “I’m ya’alls biggest fan!”

Hi, did I mention I’m like 20 years older than them. Fuck it, one day I wanna party with them.

Thank you Jeremiah for telling me dad jokes! And thank you Gus and Codi for popping in – ya’all really made my night.  AND, THANK YOU LANCE for thinking of us and chasing them down! Totally, LOVES IT!