Kylie, I can’t even with you right now!  My obsession with the budding makeup mogul, started last year.  When I saw the lip kits, I knew I had to have one. When Kylie launches a product, she announces the time of the drop on Snapchat and the race begins before her site crashes.

About two weeks ago, I scored the KoKo Collection (famously named after Khloe Kardashian).  And, TBH – I LOVE IT!  I love the colors, highlighters, lipstick.  I didn’t know how to use the highlighters — so I may have tweeted at Khloe. Shocker, no answer.  But I figured it out.

About a week into enjoying my sunkissed highlighters and my luscious lips, Kylie announced on Snapchat that she was launching her Vacation Collection and my jaw pretty much fucking dropped. I wanted it, I wanted all of it.

So like a fucking dumbass, I set a calendar reminder for when the collection dropped.

In a matter of minutes, the rush of getting to the site exactly when it launched and compiling my basket went from HIGH to LOW. The error messages, the looping circles telling me to wait and not refresh… ugh.  And then I checked Twitter and everyone’s orders were getting processed… everyone’s except mine.

And then it finally happened.  I might not have been able to score the entire Vacation Package ($250), but I got some eyeshadow and I’ve been meaning to try the Kyeliner.  So, all was not lost.

I feel, perhaps, I may be a bit too old for this!  I mean, I’m obssessing over makeup by someone who is not even twenty-one yet.  I can’t help it!  Honestly – the lip stuff smells so good!  And I’m really loving the Koko Collection, the highlighters are so glowy with a little bit a sparkle.