By now you have all heard about the two documentaries about Fyre Festival (Netflix and Hulu). Don’t worry I’m not going to give anything away if you haven’t already watched. (btw, get out from under your rock). But I want to dig into something about the documentaries: The Influencers they paid thousands, hundreds of thousands to hype up a festival that ultimately never happened.

So rather than traditional marketing, they basically hired Instagram Influencers and models to hype the Fyre Festival.

It’s reported that Kendal Jenner racked in $250K for an Instagram post “Like OMG I’m going to Fyre Festival”. Then you have the other Instagram Influencers (I have no idea who any of them are) with a rather large following post stuff on their social media in exchange for a free ride.

Ok, so let me get this straight – Instagram Influencers get PAID, FREE SHIT just for posting.

Like, if someone handed you a bag of dog shit with a check for $30K would you post on your Instagram feed that it was the BEST FUCKING DOG SHIT, LIKE EVER!


Ugh, I would too. It’s just crazy. I really shouldn’t hate on them. I just think it’s just so artificial.

When I started this website back in 2007, there wasn’t Instagram. I wasn’t getting paid to write about products I endorsed. Sometimes, when a manufacturer heard about a product or service I blogged about they would send me stuff, but that was after the fact.

I should also note, that in addition to blogging and talking about things I love, I have worked in online advertising for 20 years.

I totally understand celebrity endorsements. Making them the face of your product. But we have also seen how celebrities can quickly fuck that up. And not that I have anything against Kendal Jenner, I am a closet KUWTK freak, but after the Fyre fest AND Pepsi endorsement deal, why would anyone want her to represent her brand? Oh hey Proactive – couldn’t you have just announced her endorsement (and how much you paid her) rather than this big mysterious lead up and let down?

I think about how hard it is to build a brand in the first place. Earn the trust of your consumers, provide great customer service and quality. Why on earth would you leave your marketing strategy in the hands of these Influencers who, I’m assuming, paid to get followers. OR is it just a millennial targeted strategy?

I decided to do a basic search of Top Instagram Influencers, just for shits and gigs. Ladies and gents, here are your top IG Influencers:

It’s like an everyday, in your face, episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (and unattainable).

I do think there is a certain level of social justice. Like, why am I going to buy a product just because someone paid you to say it’s fucking awesome. But then again, I have in the past with celebrity endorsements. WHY is this different? Maybe I’m being a little Pissy Missy at the missed opportunity.

Private jets, Chanel bags, exotic vaca’s do sound pretty good right now. What are your thoughts? Are you an Influencer follower? Do you love it?