We are constantly evolving – agreed?

But as humans evolve, innovate, redefine ourselves – I believe it brings a whole new world of conflict. “Back in my day, we didn’t have to worry about online bullying because there was no online”.

I think about this, evolution, all the time. I think about how each day we are confronted with new challenges and need to figure out new ways of solving the challenges. But are they really different? HOW different? Is it easier today rather than twenty years ago? How so? Because of technology?

There are so many ways of looking at this. So many different resources at our fingertips to push a button and most of our problems are solved. But it wasn’t always so, and as we continue to evolve what we thought was easy today will be obsolete.

How we overcame our struggles in the past could be a portion of the encouragement we require to solve for today.

I only say a portion because overcoming anything always takes will and drive (and for some people, luck).

Think about a time where you overcame a challenge. Write it down, write all of them down.

And then remind yourself, you are a fucking badass.

You got this. xo.