You in the Apple upgrade program? It’s pretty awesome. Every year I get to upgrade my phone rather than wait for my plan to tell me when I deserve it.

So I get my email that I’m due for an upgrade but can’t do it virtually because my phone wasn’t in perfect condition. If you know me, you know I always have a cracked phone – even with all the screen protectors etc etc.

So I logged into my Apple account and went ahead and scheduled a genius bar appointment. Ugh, Apple Store on a saturday morning. Lord. Help. Me.

I walk in, already anxious because who really wants to be at the Apple Store on a Saturday. Lines. People. Ugh. So, I tell the nice guy my name and they couldn’t find my appointment. Ugh. Really? So then I give them my email address and they easily find my appointment under Ya boi Eli Yeet. Yes, my son changed my name in my phone.

I guess when everyone who worked at this particular store saw “Ya boi Eli Yeet” on the registration they thought it was funny! I would too. So as we are conducting our business, all these people were stopping by like “ohhhh you are Ya boi Eli Yeet”. It was actually quite funny. I was glad I actually had my son with me, he was quite the celebrity.

I’m not gonna lie, it took forever. Like forever. I didn’t have to fix my phone to get the upgrade, but I had to pay for the damages. I had to upgrade the iOS on the new phone, I had to transfer stuff, I had to keep Ya boi Eli Yeet entertained.

Then it hit me, I’m not a fan of the AirPods. I know, I made a big thing about them a few weeks ago and EVERYONE loves them. I know someone who would enjoy them a lot more. I’m back on the prowl for new headphones, and will most likely get Beats.

As for Ya boi Eli Yeet – he’s thoroughly enjoying his new AirPods so that puts a huge smile on my face!