A lot of people in my circles have lost interest in awards season. As a television and movie “enthusiast” it is single handedly my favorite time of year.

I love the glamour of it all. I love the gorgeous dresses, jewelry, seeing celebrities mix and mingle and most importantly seeing my favorites WIN!

So as the Bears/Eagles game was getting to a point where I could barely watch. Sorry fans, I flipped over to the red carpet on E!

E! did this really cool thing, they actually took you on a walk of the red carpet which, as they explained was about the length of three football fields.  No way I could handle that in heals!

Notably, the most awkward moment came when Julianna interviewed Debra Messing. Julianna asked her if she was excited about presenting, to which Debra responded she wasn’t. BUT – what no one is talking about is that she said that she was the only person from Will & Grace attending. This REALLY rubbed me the wrong way – I don’t know why. Later, I saw Megan Mullally was a presenter. Do these two not communicate? WTF? I really don’t want to harp on this but WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT IT? Everyone is talking about the freaking Fiji Girl with her epic photobombs but not this?

While all the dresses were stunning, I will allow myself to pick my top 3 favorites:

I think Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg did a terrific job kicking things off! And now I know that Jim Carrey has a TV show I will be sure to tune in.

Speaking of tuning in – there are so many movies and tv shows I haven’t seen! What? Seriously? Like the remote control is literally attached to my hand and I see so many movies (albeit kid friendly movies) but I’m always renting and ordering the minute they come out.

So, here’s list of what I must see, like immediately:


  1. Bohemiam Rhapsody: I’m still a little shocked (bitter) it beat out A Star is Born but I guess it’s really really good.
  2. The Favourite
  3. Eighth Grade: I mean if you don’t love Elsie Fisher then I guess we’re going to have issues.
  4. Green Book
  5. If Beale Street Could Talk (OMG did you see Regina King’s dress? Fuck, I loved it).


  1. Bodyguard – never heard of it! Very excited to check it out
  2. The Americans – Ok. I’m sorry but I tried watching this on three different occasions. Am I just not intellectual enough? Or is my ADHD a deciding factor.
  3. The Kominsky Method
  4. Escape at Dannemora

And I’m not even kidding, can we talk about how Melissa McCarthy smuggled in 40 ham sandwiches to the Golden Globes? After reading the menu, which was kept light, I would probably do the same. Class act.

Even though I started this off with my Debra Messing rant, it’s always good to focus on the positive. There was a lovely dedication to the incomparable Carol Burnett and Regina King’s eloquent acceptance speech included a commitment to using 50% women in everything she produced. Hey – does this mean we can get 227 to come back? And two of my favs won: Regina King and Rachel Brosnahan.

Many see these award shows as an ego boost to an industry that doesn’t need it. When I see celebrities who work hard on a film or tv show that sends a positive message or really get into character, they deserve the recognition. Hey – I might get recognition for an awesome powerpoint I did at work, but that’s ok! When I see celebrities utilizing their platform to spread messages of love, equality and positivity, well, I just have one thing to say:  YOU GO GIRL!