I was still in college when the Ravens had their first game. I remember the game was probably a day or two after the passing of Princess Diana. We got seats in the stands and since that day I have been a fan.

But let’s not kid ourselves. I was never the biggest sports fan at all, but loyal. Early in the days of being a single mother and raising my son on my own, I had to figure it out. As a child, my son would ask me questions about football and I would literally make up the answers. As he got older, I had to actually Google stuff. And thankfully, he played Madden and now he teaches me.

Last week, the Ravens made the playoffs and I celebrated at Madison Square Garden for a Phish show. I represented my team along with some fabulous sequined pants from Express. Hopeful and strong!

Even though I have been bedridden for the last few days, I managed to get my ass out of bed and take my son to a local spot to watch the Ravens continue to the championships.

It was down to the wire, but unfortunately it was a tough loss. There is a silver lining to this all. Even though my son grew up in New York City, he is continuing the tradition of being a Baltimore Ravens fan. As he has gotten older, it was so cute to watch him during the game today. He taught me a few things and we high fived. The hardest part of being a single mom, for me, has always been sports. I have taken him to numerous sporting events and filled the missing father void. In my mind, that’s a championship. There’s always next year. Ca Caw! #Ravensflock