True story. I hopped on an early AF flight this morning from New York to West Palm. The flight was full, super full, as families were fleeing New York from what appears to be a pending snow storm. I don’t blame them.

Well, here was my dilemma, I was hungover, tired and grumpy. But you know who else was grumpy? The kid behind me repeatedly kicking the back of my seat. Oh, you know who else was grumpy? The older man next to me who didn’t obey the armrest rules and kept jabbing me. Oh, you know who else was grumpy? The lady across from me coughing and sneezing and releasing her tissues to float in the air like dust. Oh, you know who else was grumpy? The father of the child, who just couldn’t seem to control his many outbursts.

Just breathe.

I quickly realized that I had no control over this situation. I also realized (between getting kicked in the back) that a general reaction of negativity wouldn’t do me any good. Like, how many times have you been on a flight and there’s always that one asshole? I had to put myself in everyone’s shoes (including the shoes of the child who was kicking me, over and over again).

After I did my three-step process of disinfecting my area, I politely offered the people around me the use of my antibacterial collection. I noticed the woman next to me ran out of tissues and was using an airline napkin to blow her nose. I had an extra travel pack of tissues and gave them to her. I realized the little boy throwing a tantrum was doing so because his ears hurt, so I offered his father some gum to help ease his pain.

Granted, nothing changed on the flight. All the things that were driving me batshit crazy were still happening. But, after spreading some positivity, they didn’t bother me. Funny isn’t it? The power of positivity is a beautiful thing.