As much as I want to babble on about tv, food, music, beauty products… I want to take a minute – I have been reminded of something. Empowerment. Support. Love.

LIke some of you, I spent a good three hours watching The Bachelor last night – don’t worry I’m going into it. But, like every season, the minute the show started, the nail polish came off and these women go at it against each other. And, this is just an example. I was exposed to another version of this on a Facebook group I’m in – the details don’t really matter.

I tend to give negative people the benefit of the doubt – at first. You never know where a person is coming from, what kind of day they had or what they are suffering from. Because let’s face it, in this day and age, we are all suffering inside in some way or another.

They always say… we lash out on the ones we love the most.


And maybe it’s true. We sometimes tend to forget that there is so much hate in this world. I even think there is more hate than love.

I can’t speak for others, but for me, I have had my share of hate and abuse. So much to the point where I became immune to it. Choosing to fight back sometimes take too much energy – and who really wants to fuel hatred?

There is no moral here. I’m not connecting any dots – just speaking my mind. Unfortunately, I don’t think things will ever change. I may call out some negativity once in a while – but this is my platform to speak my mind. I know, for a fact…

When women support each other, INCREDIBLE things will happen.


It’s your decision to choose which side. I want to build, grow, create in a world of love. And it’s not naive if I surround myself with other women who want the same. For the few people who are reading this, my promise to you is that you have a friend who believes in YOU. will ALWAYS be a place of love and positivity. xoMS