For a while, I wasn’t wearing any earrings because I lost one of my grandmothers diamond earrings on a flight and I haven’t been the same ever since. Total bummer.

I saw an ad on IG for these super awesome earrings.  I thought for sure they would be too expensive or cheaply made but I figured I would check them out. Dude, welcome to the ear party!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the stuff coming out of the Maison Miru studio. I scroll thru her pages and literally want everything because EVERYTHING is so awesome. I wound up gifting her unique jewelry for my staff this holiday season.

Her story is quite endearing as well – recovering tech product manager turn fabulous jewelry maker out her studio in New York City. All her pieces are handmade and awesome.

Check out the launch of The Ear Bar – there may or may not be a free give away on her site.

Enjoy! xoMS