Oh boy, have I sucked at keeping up with this everyday thing, so yeah, I’m going to backlog. Coolio?

Truth is, sometimes my head isn’t it the right place. Work/family stress take a toll. I guess my excuse on Friday was that while cranking away at work, I was attempting to get concert tickets – which believe me can be quite daunting and exhausting. Other days, I just don’t have it in me.


But that’s ok!


There is a certain level of me being naive, right? I mean, who can be 100p positive 24/7? I can certainly try and in 2019 it’s been my main objective. There are the basics, like this saying:


A negative mind will never give you a positive life.


True. So true.

  1. I always try to see the glass as half full.
  2. I try to get people the benefit of the doubt.
  3. I try to put myself in other people’s shoes.
  4. I try to see the good in things.
  5. I try not to live in the past.
  6. This time is going to be different.

I remember that book, The Secret. Remember, if you think of something it will manifest into your reality. Well, let’s face it fate can only take you so far and it’s up to your will and desire to make shit happen.

But is it possible to train ourselves to have a positive mind? Can we reprogram instant reactions from negative to positive no matter what they are? I think it really depends on where your head is at and where you are in life. The two biggest places I have tested this is in the office and parenting.

In the Office:
The first place I test myself is at work. I know this person is going to put in a last minute request that’s due today, and probably didn’t give me the information necessary to complete the task. I prepare myself every day for this. I know this person is having a rough time outside of work, so I’m extremely accommodating. I have trained myself to think positivity and know when those last minute requests come in, my knee jerk reaction is all about helping and achieving something together. (Rather than spend a few minutes bitching and complaining).

I get frustrated with myself, a lot. As my son gets older, I have tried to coddle less and ask him to do more chores. After the fifth time I ask, he instantly rejects my asks like all of a sudden I’m asking him to do all these complicated tasks. I wind up throwing in the towel and saying “fine, I’ll just do it”. So, I’m working on the positive – instead of telling him to do something I have rephrased it: “You know, it would really help me out if you start breaking down the recycling on Sunday nights while I do the laundry. I’m so proud that we recycle our things, it feels really good when we get it done”.  And of course, lots of praise when the task is complete.

There is one more example that I wish, I really wish people who stop and think. Bullying and trolling. 

I bet there are tons of studies about the energy it takes: negative vs. positive. I know for myself, that negative thoughts and actions suck the life out of me, and it causes me to overthink. When I approach things with a positive attitude, I find that the tasks get completed quicker (and better) and I feel much better about myself.

I don’t think it’s as easy as a turning on a light switch. Positivity ON! But I do think when you go into anything with a positive mind and an open heart the outcome is always going to be better.