On a rare occasion when I’m not running around, I like to spend a good few hours at home cleaning up and doing some home improvement. I was assume normal people clean and organize their homes every evening, but I err like to watch tv. Today I just set up this girl, isn’t she lovely?

While picking up a few unnecessary items at Ulta with my mom, she insisted we pop over to Michaels to check out the fountains. I have been to so many outdoor shops in search of the perfect Buddha fountain… and I found her… and she was on sale.




I even got a smaller one for the studio! If you are looking for a zen AF touch to your home, workplace or wherever — I would suggest picking one of these up.

I think it’s important to have visual touches around that center you. I like looking at my beautiful Buddha. The water trickling calms me. I like escaping in her eyes and floating, even if it’s just for a minute or two. Loves it.